Policy of the Integrated Management System (IMS)


To promote the experience of Total Quality, internally accepted and culturally engaged, which guarantees continued satisfaction of stakeholders in general, namely our customers and employees, through steady increase in the quality of our products and services.


To integrate in its operating strategy the continuous improvement of environmental performance of activities, while complying with environmental legislation and preventing pollution.

Social Accountability

To constantly consider the contribution of Revigrés' activities to sustainable development, by aligning the social, economic and environmental dimensions with the legitimate interests of the community, in the belief that such practices add value to the business.

Research, Development and Innovation

Ensure widespread innovation and generation of ideas involving all workers, foster knowledge management for enhancing human capital.

Intensify the goal to collaborate closely with the Entities of the Scientific and Technological System in the process of researching and producing new products that strengthen corporate differentiation, competitiveness, promotion and leadership, pursuing the strategy of developing eco-innovative products that contribute to the sustainability of business and contribute to building a more sustainable society.

Commitments of the Policy of the Integrated Management System (IMS)

Environment Protection

Plan Revigrés strategies and activities for total quality management based on considerations of social and environmental responsibility, with a view to preventing, reducing or minimizing negative impacts and promoting environmental protection.

Use of the best available technologies to prevent pollution, cut down on resource use (materials, fuels and energy), commit to reuse and recycling, when feasible, to the detriment of landfills.

Compliance with applicable legal requirements, rules and regulations

To ensure that requirements laid down in NP EN ISO 9001:2015, NP EN ISO 14001:2015, NP 4469:2019 e NP 4457:2007, and provided for in current legislation and other that Revigrés has decided to endorse, are complied with.

Adhere to and encourage workers, suppliers and customers to engage in the general, operating and specific social responsibility and environmental principles (as influencers).

Continuous improvement

Develop, implement and improve the Integrated Management System (Quality; Environment; Social Responsibility; and Research, Development and Innovation), and process monitoring indicators to ensure the focus on results and improvement of environmental performance, in a context of commitment to continuous improvement.


Promote the sharing of experiences and foster communication and engagement with relevant stakeholders, including partners, employees, suppliers, customers and neighbouring communities, providing information on matters relating to the environment and social responsibility, inter alia, stemming from the activities conducted by Revigrés.




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