Whistleblowing - Law 93/2021

Revigrés commits itself and its stakeholders to the highest principles of honesty and integrity, promoting ethical and responsible behaviour for the common good and in respect for all.

To ensure independent and confidential reporting, Revigrés makes available to all its Whistleblower Channel where actual, likely and ongoing violations* of laws, rules or regulations, the Code of Ethics and ethical principles applicable to industrial activity or good management practices can be reported.

* acts or omissions, wilful or negligent

Concerning complaints, the following is guaranteed:

  • Independent, impartial analysis and processing without conflicts of interest;

  • Confidentiality and secrecy regarding the content of the complaint and whistleblower data (should they choose to identify themselves) and protection against retaliation;

  • Compliance with the GDPR on the processing of personal data;

  • Referral to the competent authorities of cases where their scale and scope justify it.

Note: For complaints, exercise of rights under the GDPR, suggestions or requests for information, the appropriate communication and processing channels are available in the company and on the Revigrés website. Such reporting will not be processed through the Whistleblower Channel.



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