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Sustainability and Well-being

In the context of the challenges put forward by sustainable development, Revigrés adopts a series of socially responsible practices to make a positive contribution to the community and maximise the positive impacts of the company.

Consequently, it pursues a policy of preserving resources, respecting diversity and reducing social inequalities, contributing to the improvement of current living conditions and for future generations. In parallel, it creates, promotes and participates in activities that may help to develop different social areas.

Subsequently, Revigrés was the first Portuguese company in the ceramics industry to be certified by the Social Responsibility Management System - NP 4469:2019.

Sustainability and Well-being


National Urban Regeneration Award

Revigrés has sponsored the award from the first edition in 2014. It rewards the best urban regeneration projects implemented on national territory.

Work in Progress Award

Organised in partnership with the Portuguese Architects Association. Architect Manuel Afonso Sá entered with the winning project “Chromatic Cube: Explore your mind”, incorporating pieces of the Chromatic Collection.



National Design Competition

Revigrés has been the sponsor since the 1st edition in 1997. It supports new talents and fosters the professionalisation of young designers, by marketing their projects.


The dress "Tile Caravel" by Storytailors fashion designers incorporates pieces of the Chromatic Collection. It was shown at the Iberian Suite: Global Arts Remix at the Kennedy Center in Washington; Portugal Fashion Spring-Summer 2016 in Lisbon; 12th International Biennial of Ceramic Art of Aveiro.



Casa da Música

Revigrés is one of the private-entity founders of Casa da Música music hall in Porto.


Sponsored the musicals “A Canção de Lisboa” and “Uma Noite em Casa de Amália”, produced by Filipe La Féria, by producing replicas of the tiles used in the house of the fado singer, Amália Rodrigues.

Rock in Rio Lisbon

Revigrés was in charge of carrying out the thematic decorations of the City of Rock and performing activities for raising awareness of sustainable behaviour.



Motocross World Championship

Premium sponsor of a championship which is a real show of adrenaline and speed year after year.

Estoril Open

The event’s exclusive ceramics partner.

Porto Football Club

Main sponsor of the Porto Football Club for over 38 years. The 1st time a Portuguese company sponsored a football club and already the longest lasting sponsorship in Europe and, possibly, worldwide.



Tactile Flooring

Project developed jointly with ACAPO (Portuguese Association of Blind and Visually Impaired), the Portuguese Design Centre and the Lisbon underground, to meet the mobility and access requirements of modern society.

Barrô Civic and Social Centre

Designed by architect Tomás Taveira, with wall and floor tiles from the Galáxia Collection by Revigrés.




Revigrés is among the 10 founding companies of the association which, together with the University of Aveiro, is developing the “House of the Future”.

Pense Indústria

Revigrés is partner in the project lead by RECET (network of Technological Centres in Portugal) that seeks to mobilise young people to industrial training and educational areas.

University of Aveiro

Partnership for the development of antibacterial flooring, an innovative project that received honourable mention.
Internship programme for new graduates from this University.


Revigrés’s performance is founded on the principles of ethics, quality and value generation. It thus created a code of ethics and a set of rules and principles of conduct that engage its stakeholders in their relations with the company. The following are now being updated and will soon be available on our website:

Code of Ethics
Ethical Values and Principles
Social Accountability Key Features
Table of Environmental Requirements
Code of Conduct for Suppliers
Code of Conduct for Employes

For more information: [email protected]


Here you can download more useful procedures regarding Revigrés Social Accountability Policy.

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