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Tile me about Innovation

Revigrés was born with the ambition to innovate. It currently offers removable ceramic tiles that can be reused, prevent bacteria from spreading, isolate sound or replace power switches, providing contactless approach-enabled control of electronic devices.

We are the first and only Portuguese ceramics company to be certified by the national Research, Development and Innovation Management System, in compliance with standard NP 4457:2007.

Tile me about Innovation
Tile me about Innovation

Eco Innovation for a Sustainable Future

Revigrés works closely with Entities of the Scientific and Technological System to research new production processes and multifunctional products for sustainable construction.

To develop new solutions for shaping the future of construction the following must be factored in:

Environmental protection
Energy efficiency
Health and well-being
Greater architectural integration

Eco Innovation for a Sustainable Future
Eco Innovation for a Sustainable Future

Revigrés Tech

Combining the high standards that shape products with a strong innovative component, Revigrés develops multifunctional solutions that promote sustainability in construction, while maintaining comfort and well-being.

• Revicomfort: Removable and reusable ceramic floor tiles
• Revisense: Sensitive ceramics. No buttons, no keys
• Revisilent: Ceramic & cork. Sound proof and heat insulation
• Revicare: Antibacterial ceramics
• Pavimentos táteis: Inclusive design for accessibility needs
• Fachadas ventiladas: Heat insulation with high aesthetic and functional quality
• Deck smart: Ceramic floating deck. Installation and removal made easy
• Eco tiles: Products made of recycled materials

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