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The Icarus project encompasses the release of 4 products that impact regional and national competitiveness. The following were the products developed:

Solar Tiles
Health Care Tiles
Revigrés Light

These products, with the added value that they incorporate, allow the company to be in full compliance with one of its strategy's pillars, namely the orientation towards international markets. As a result, an effective growth in exports can be expected.

The Icarus project was funded by the ERDF under the Thematic Operational Programme Factors of Competitiveness of the QREN, in accordance with the call for proposals Notice 19/SI/2008, under the Regulation of the System of Incentives for Innovation, attached to Decree no. 1464/2007, of November 15.

Investments and grants allocated to the Icarus project amount to:

Total Investment: € 7,498,628.68;

Eligible Investment: € 6,181,390.02;

Refundable Incentive: € 2,774,608.12;

Non-refundable Incentive: € 5,457.97;

Prize: € 1,359,045.90.

Expected duration of the project:

Start date: 2009.02.01 - End date: 2012.12.31


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