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The REVI CLEAN FACADE project aims to develop a new product for the ceramic group of exterior facade tiles.

Thanks to the innovative characteristics of this product, it will integrate a system for preventing efflorescence, a pathology characterized by the unesthetic salt deposit on wall tiles.

It is common knowledge that one of the main problems of ceramic products used on facades is the unesthetic deposits of salts that form in the joints of tiles, called efflorescence. Consequently, since the market does not offer a solution for mitigating efflorescence, the product that we intend to develop will have innovative features to minimize this problem.

This project is an investment in materials that will help bring value to ceramic tiles used on facades, thus promoting their cultural and architectural value. The solution developed is intended either at new construction, or renovation. At a time when there is still a great potential for the rehabilitation market in Portugal, the focus is on developing a viable and competitive solution.

Project activities

Preliminary studies that will consist of a survey of the national and international markets, the definition of the functional requirements of the system, the physical-chemical evaluation of system pathologies (based on a survey of existing solutions) and an economic study that will help to establish the thresholds of production costs and of the product itself, ensuring its competitive capacity in the market.

System design and development that includes basic settings of system scaling, numerical simulation of physical and mechanical phenomena, development of bond and grout, development of ceramic material, development of the venting system and solutions for production line adjustment.

Experimental validation campaign encompassing the detailed physical and mechanical characterisation of the various components and system. Lastly, real-scale applications through prototypes and monitoring.

Promotion and dissemination of results

Amounting to EUR 499,033.14 in total investment, the REVI CLEAN FACADE project is co-financed by Portugal 2020 under the Competitiveness and Internationalisation Operational Programme (COMPETE 2020), with up to EUR 312.873,72 granted under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Starting in October 2015, and due to be completed in September 2018, the project will be carried out by a consortium composed of Revigrés (promoter), Saint-Gobain Weber Portugal (co-promoter) and ITeCons (co-promoter).

Amount financed: EUR 312,873.72
Amount of investment: EUR 499.033,14

Revi Clean Facade
Revi Clean Facade

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