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Sense Tiles

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Amounting to € 229,291.57 in total investment, the project SenseTiles is aimed fundamentally at developing ceramic tiles with non-visible sensors, which allow the switches of a variety of electrical devices to be operated without contact.

Switching on lights, opening/closing taps, making emergency calls are standard actions redesigned for the future.

It has QREN funding, under the Operational Programme Factors of Competitiveness, of € 144,212.32, granted under the European Regional Development Fund.

The project had a duration of 18 months, starting in January 2013 and finishing in June 2014, and involved the leading promoter Revigrés – Indústria de Revestimentos de Grés, Lda. and co-promoters, CTCV – Centro Tecnológico da Cerâmica e do Vidro and INTELLIHOUSE, Lda.

Sense Tiles
Sense Tiles

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