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Kitchen Tiles: Tips

Kitchen Tiles: Tips
Learn what's the best option for your space.

How to choose kitchen tiles?

Tiles come in all sorts of formats, colours and finishes that can be matched in many ways to bring life to the kitchen and transform it into the family’s favourite place to meet.
On the other hand, due to their low water absorption, ceramic wall and floor tiles are highly resistant to being stained and very easy to clean.

The following 10 tips will help you choose the best kitchen tiles.

1. Size matters
In small spaces, choose light or neutral tones for tiles for a brighter atmosphere. However, for larger kitchen space choose more vibrant colours or eye-catching patterns to attract attention.

2. House decoration
If your home has a modern design, minimalist white tiles are the perfect accessory. But more classic tiles are the best choice for traditional-style homes.

3. Harmonious space
Choose ceramic wall and floor tiles with colours, shades or details in common for a well-balanced and harmonious space.

4. Walls that stand out
Use brightly coloured tiles on one kitchen wall to create movement and lend dynamics to space.

5. Neutral colours
If you don’t know which tiles to choose, neutral colours are always a wise choice. They are timeless, match easily and allow you to use different colours in other parts of the kitchen, for example furniture and appliances.

Also bear in mind that light colours help brighten space while dark shades lend elegance to decor.

6. Location
If your kitchen is part of the living or dining room, choose beautifully refined ceramic tiles. If the kitchen is separate, choose plain and more practical tiles.

7. Interior design style
To simplify choose tiles that match the interior design style. For example, for a minimalist kitchen tiles in light and plain tones are the best choice.

8. Decorating and finishing
Choose the finish that best suits the style of the space.

8.1. Shine finish
The shine finish is one of the most popular for kitchen tiles. It lends sophistication to the space and is easy to clean.

8.2. Matt finish
The matt finish is perfect if you are looking for discreet and easy-to-clean tiles.

8.3. Satin finish
The satin finish lies between gloss and matt and lends discreetness to the environment, but is still easy to clean.

8.4. Enamel finish
The enamel finish is perfect if you are looking for beauty and durability. It is resistant to stains and marks, and is easy to clean.

9. Tile installation
Tiles are easy to clean and maintain. However, since grease and humidity build up easily in the kitchen, it is very important to ensure that tiles are applied correctly.
Tile laying by professional installers ensures its stability over time and prolongs its longevity.
Besides, anti-fungal cement for grouting is available in several brands.

Look up the Revigrés Technical Manual for more information about laying ceramic wall and floor tiles

10. Tile positioning
Lay tiles vertically to make the kitchen feel taller or horizontally to add width to the walls. Experiment with different directions until you find what works best for your space.

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Published by Revigrés

February 24, 2023


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