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Revigrés wins Sustainability Award

Revigrés wins Sustainability Award
Revigrés won the Sustainability Initiative Award, awarded by an independent jury, at the 36th edition of the Investor Relations and Governance Awards, organized by Deloitte.

Revigrés' Integrated Plan for Decarbonization and Energy Efficiency was distinguished by the results obtained in criteria such as the reduction of CO2 emissions, rationalization of resources and transition to green energy, with an impact not only on the Company's activity, but also on the entire ceramic sector.

According to Revigrés Management Board “It is with great pride that we receive this award. Environmental sustainability has been part of Revigrés’s DNA since its foundation and we continue to prioritize this topic through new production processes that aim to promote energy efficiency and the approach to carbon neutrality.”

The distinction comes as Revigrés prepares to reinforce this positioning by completing the installation of a new production line dedicated to the launch of value-added and more sustainable products through more energy-efficient industrial equipment, in the second half of 2024.

This project is part of the Illiance and Ecocerâmica Agendas - financed by the Recovery and Resilience Plan and NextGeneration EU Funds - and with an investment of 15 million euros in equity, the project envisages reinforcing the use of renewable electrical energy sources, such as solar, the incorporation of hydrogen into the production process and the creation of symbiosis for the incorporation of waste.

Published by Revigrés

June 21, 2024


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