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ADD FUEL and Revigrés present “Louvor da Vivacidade"

ADD FUEL and Revigrés present “Louvor da Vivacidade"
Those who pass by Infante Santo Avenue in Lisbon can now observe the "Louvor da Vivacidade" Tiles Mural.

This is an urban art project designed by the Portuguese urban artist Add Fuel with development and production of Revigrés.

The work is the result of a collaboration with the Junta de Freguesia da Estrela and completes the set of tiles of renowned Portuguese artists - Maria Keil (1959), Carlos Botelho (1959), Júlio Pomar and Alice Jorge (1959), Sá Nogueira (1959) and Eduardo Nery (1994 and 2001) - closing the already designated Tile Route of this important avenue in Lisbon.

The "Louvor da Vivacidade" Mural aims to recover and bring to the present the tiles artistic expression full of historical, architectural, local, national and traditional value. The use of tiles is maintained but with a current aesthetic reading: a unique and differentiating feature of the invited artist.Revigrés developed and produced the tiles.

Managing Partner Paula Roque states that "it was with great pleasure that Revigrés accepted the invitation to join a project in which we see reflected an important heritage of our culture: the traditional Portuguese tile."

The Tiles Mural "Louvor da Vivacidade" also counted on the National Tile Museum institutional partnership and Mistaker Maker curator.

Published by Revigrés

September 12, 2017


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