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General Catalogue 2019

General Catalogue 2019
For the first time ever, Revigrés gathers in 2019 all collections under a single General Catalogue.

For the first time ever, Revigrés gathers in 2019 all collections under a single General Catalogue.

This catalogue features, among many novelties, a general collection index, the introduction of author’s series and the package and weights table with each collection.

Note in particular the latest wall and floor ceramic tiles collections with a variety of aesthetic effects, and the ongoing design and technical quality that set us apart from our competitors.


Chromatic Remix & Cuts reinforces the versatility of the Chromatic Collection, one of the most complete full body porcelain tile collections worldwide.The new special formats, Chevron, Half, Trio and Cube allow you to get carried away by your imagination and design modern, original and customised environments.


Ideal for renovating projects, the new Revival collection signals a return to the traditional brick effect, with colour and shine.Ceramic wall and floor tiles available in 9 modern, bright and contrasting colours, in the format 30x45cm.


The Silken collection, with a cement effect, comes in 5 new colours and is available in 10 colours in total. Beige, Jade, Ocean, Caramel and Ruby confer intensity and contrast to this ceramic wall tile collection, available in 30x60cm.


Available in 4 colours and 4 sizes - 60x120, 60x60, 45x90 and 90x90cm - the Elements collection combines the technical quality of the raw materials with aesthetic elegance. A minimalist collection that personifies urban design for indoor and outdoor spaces.


The Absolut Black, Statuario White and Emperador Brown collections reflect the timeless effect of marble, allowing you to create exclusive, elegant and impressive environments. Wall and floor ceramic tiles available in 4 sizes: 30x60, 60x60, 60x120 and 90x90cm.


Recreating the effect of natural stone, the new Slate collection combines character and technology in a sober, intense and timeless collection for indoor and outdoor spaces. Available in several colours and 4 sizes: 15x15, 30x60, 60x60 and 60x120cm.


The new Country collection recreates the aged and rustic effect of wood for sophisticated and cosy environments. Wall and floor tiles available in 4 colours, in 15x75cm.


Deck Forest completes the Forest collection for decks, combining the vein patterns of natural wood and the durability of ceramics. Floor tiles for outdoor use available in 6 colours in the format 15x75cm.


The 2019 General Catalogue also includes the multifunctional projects resulting from Revigrés engagement in developing ceramic solutions with added value, technical and aesthetic functions that favour comfort and well-being. Emphasis on:

REVICOMFORT: removable and reusable floor tiles, easy to install, not requiring glue or cement.

REVISENSE: sensitive ceramics, with a sensor that is not visible and no buttons or switches, activating electronic devices by approach, like lights and bells

REVISILENT: soundproof ceramic floor tiles with thermal insulation.

Published by Revigrés

January 8, 2019

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