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Bathroom: Decorating tips

Bathroom: Decorating tips
Be inspired by our tips for refreshing your bathroom.

How to choose bathroom tiles

Take note of the following things to consider when choosing the floor and wall tiles for renovating your bathroom.

1 - Colours

When decorating the bathroom begin by choosing the key colours.

While soft shades are perfect for smaller bathrooms - as they lend depth - combining two colours can bring some dynamics and movement to your bathroom, breaking the monotony.

On the other hand, accent colours on a wall bring space to life.

Although, for a strong, yet elegant and even timeless contrast, combine white and black.

2 - Mix of effects

Floor and wall tiles with mixed aesthetic effects is also an option.

Coupling the effect of wood with cement, for example, provides for a more modern albeit cosy design.

But if you want to mix the wood effect with colour in your bathroom decor, use soft colours for a greater sense of comfort. Lighting is also a very serious matter: avoid strong lighting and ensure even distribution.

If your goal is to live in harmony with nature, we recommend mixing wood effect with other natural materials such as marble or natural stone, in perfect harmony with the environment. Be inspired by our SYNCHRONY collections.

In place of a shower tray, choose to extend flooring with high grip finish. The Soft Grip finish, with anti-slip properties and soft to the touch, is easy to clean and maintain. Available in the Rule and Locus collections.

Floor and wall tiles are always the best option as they are easy to clean and maintain; they are versatile and come in a wide range of colours, shapes and textures that can easily adapt to bathroom decor.

3 - Furniture

Mixing materials is also a trend when it comes to furniture. Try installing wooden shelves on a ceramic tiled wall with the effect of marble. The result is impressive.

Organisation and versatility are key to space optimisation, especially in smaller bathrooms, but contrasting styles can also be an option. Integrate into bathrooms with modern design a piece of antique furniture as the finishing touch for elegance.

4 - Lighting

Lighting is an essential component to a complete bathroom design. Where possible, give preference to natural light as it adds decorative detail and shine, including to ceramic floor and wall tiles.

However, if you choose artificial lighting, install lights in the centre for even light spread and to avoid shadowy corners. White halogen lights are most frequently recommended.

5 - Amenities

In the bathroom it is common to find amenities that are required for day to day. However, they interfere with decor. If you are looking to creating a stylish bathroom, look for ways to hide such objects or arrange them in an aesthetically pleasing way.

So, in addition to looking beautiful, bathroom furniture provides storage space.

Get inspired by our Bathroom Decor Ideas.

Published by Revigrés

March 22, 2023


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