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Ceramic tiles for kitchen walls: choose aesthetics and durability

Ceramic tiles for kitchen walls: choose aesthetics and durability
Discover why ceramics is the right choice for aesthetically enhancing your kitchen, your home and your life.

The kitchen is certainly the most important room in the house where most activity occurs.  More than just a place for preparing meals, it is the heart of the house where we socialise, share and build memories. This is why choosing the right materials for the kitchen - such as kitchen tiles - is essential at all levels.

Kitchen tiles: how to make the right choice?

Choosing the right material for your kitchen is crucial for creating beautiful and functional spaces. Have a look at the advantages of using porcelain tiles.

High quality ceramics

Hardness and resistance to wear and tear are key features of high-quality ceramics. When choosing ceramic tiles for the kitchen, bear in mind that they offer high resistance to stains, scratches and wear.
Quality ceramic wall tiles are resistant to intense daily use, and retain their original beauty for many years. Ceramic kitchen tiles are a smart, long-lasting investment.

Style and design

Kitchen wall tiles come in a wide range of designs and patterns and can be used in many different decorating styles from traditional to contemporary patterns. Ceramic kitchen tiles can really stand out and help create a unique, personalised look.
Colours, textures and shapes in all sorts of combinations will help you express your personality in this special room.

Installing ceramic tiles on a kitchen wall

Installing ceramic tiles requires precision and attention to detail. The following steps ensure that your ceramic tiles are laid correctly and give the best end result.

Prepare the surface

Surface preparation is a critical process to ensure efficient application. The wall must be clean, dry and levelled. Any irregularities can cause tile adhesion to fail.
In some cases, it may be necessary to apply a coat of primer or other specific wall preparation before laying the tiles.

Apply adhesive cement

The right choice of adhesive cement is crucial for the stability of ceramic tiles. Apply with care, following the manufacturer’s mixing and application instructions.
An even layer of adhesive cement not only ensures good tile bonding, but also protects the wall from mould and flaking.

Install the ceramic tiles

The tiling process requires patience and precision. Starting from the centre and working symmetrically helps to maintain alignment and the desired pattern.
Tile spacers are the best way to ensure that tiles are set at the correct distance from each other, for ensuring the best aesthetic end result and good maintenance of the tiles.

Maintenance and care of ceramic tiles

Keeping kitchen ceramics in perfect condition is easier than it sounds. With some basic care, you can ensure that they stay beautiful and last for many years.

Routine cleaning

Keeping kitchen ceramics clean is surprisingly easy. Tiles are easily kept clean and looking new using the right products.
Do not use acid and/or abrasive cleaning products which may damage the ceramic glaze. Warm water and neutral detergent is effective for removing most stains and dirt.

Transform your kitchen with quality ceramics

By choosing ceramics for your kitchen, you are opting for a material that offers beauty and durability, while being easy to clean.
Whether you are renovating or building new, ceramics add elegance and functionality to your space.
When combined with quality, care and good taste, these tiles enhance your kitchen, your home and your life.

Published by Revigrés

February 27, 2024


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