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New Synchrony Collections

New Synchrony Collections
New Synchrony Collections
The effect of wood, marble and other natural stones in perfect synchrony.


A Tale of Balance

In 2022, we are still reinventing the function of space by seeking to strike the right balance.
Reflecting current concerns about sustainability, we choose environmentally-friendly solutions. Hybrid architectural space stands out, where nature invades indoor spaces through the choice of materials that foster connection with the landscape in a luminous and harmonious ecosystem.

Thus the new SYNCHRONY collections are born.

Synchrony of aesthetic effects
With the ultra-realistic effect of wood, marble and natural stone, the Synchrony collections - Nordik Now, Marbles and Neo Stones - evoke timeless materials and unfold in a perfect symbiosis between textures and natural shades.

Synchrony of styles
An odyssey of emotions in perfect SYNCHRONY, which translate into 5 different styles to respond to present day experiences. Discover Nature Soul, Glam Wish, Organic Vibe, Emotion Time and Newstalgia Way.

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Published by Revigrés

June 21, 2022


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