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Revigrés covers the World with Stories, Inspiration and Art

Revigrés covers the World with Stories, Inspiration and Art
THE ART OF STORYTILING - Stories that line the world - is the new signature of Revigrés.

THE ART OF STORYTILING - Stories that line the world -, is the new signature of Revigrés, the result of a new concept of communication with which the brand intends to revitalize and assume a more contemporary, innovative and human position, aligned with its 40 years of soul.

Developed in partnership with Ivity Brand Corp, the new communication concept will be reflected in a more sensory image that appeals to the emotional functionality of spaces in people's lives.

From childhood to adulthood, from the first steps to the workplace, Revigrés has been present in the daily lives and daily lives of consumers, forming part of their stories, today and in the future.

Based on this premise, the universal storytelling principle was reinterpreted to create a unique, differentiating and enhancing concept of the Revigrés offer: tales with tiles. From the most basic unit - the tile - Revigrés builds the spaces where consumers live and create their stories, covering their world with quality, comfort, beauty and innovation.

For Carlos Coelho, President of Ivity, “Revigrés is a major Portuguese brand in the world. The big brands have to be very seductive, endless stories, full of the future and proud of their past. The Art of Storytiling is the new brand expression of Revigrés. It is the emotion of an industry over 40 years old, translated into communication language; extolling the greatest art of Portugal, which has written its history in tiles, for over 500 years.

”In this way, the new communication concept adds emotions to the brand's attributes, to promote sensory experiences and create an emotional connection with consumers.

At the same time, it also allows us to talk about Revigrés 'more than 40 years of history and tell its future. For Sónia Moreira, Revigrés Marketing Director, “Revigrés' history speaks for itself and allows it to occupy a privileged position among brands that consumers recognize and value most. With this new way of communicating, we believe that we will reinforce this link to, together, write new stories.

”The new communication concept will be reflected, as from the second quarter of 2019, in ATL communication campaigns, in the remodeling of the brand's Lisbon showroom, in the publication of a Revigrés magazine aimed at the final consumer and in actions of activation at points of sale, in the national and international market.

Published by Revigrés

May 21, 2019


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