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New Revigrés Collections

New Revigrés Collections
New Revigrés Collections
Revigrés will go on writing the stories of this new reality in our homes, which kept us safe, and in the public spaces we’re now going back to.

Recent events brought significant changes to the ways we interact in the community and how we experience space, and we cherish more than ever comfort and well-being.

Revigrés intends to go on writing stories of this new reality in our homes, where we are safe , or in the public spaces we’re going back to.

Accordingly, we introduce 6 new collections we have developed so that we may meet customers’ and business partners' expectations, who in the current context are looking for simplified choices.

OMNI and OMNISTONE Collections

The OMNI collection, state-of-the-art full-body porcelain tiles, combining technical quality and design, is intended for demanding architectural projects.

The unique graphics of this collection - soft colours and natural chromatic variations - are obtained through the controlled mixture and deposition of powders, throughout the full depth of the tile, which lends high resistance and durability.

The OMNI collection is available in 6 colours, 5 sizes and 4 finishes.

The OMNISTONE collection, available in 6 colours, 5 sizes and 2 finishes, combines the outstanding technical properties of the OMNI collection with graphic nuances inspired by the subtlety of natural stone.

OMNI and OMNISTONE are very complete wall and floor tile solutions for indoor and outdoor environments, either residential or public. Particularly suitable for heavy-duty areas.

MONTANA Collection

The new Montana collection replicates the textures and original shades of wood with the same rich contrasts as this natural material.Smooth texture combined with rich graphic variation and very natural shades faithfully recreate the details of wood, inspiring comfort and tranquillity.

Available in 5 colours, in size 20x90cm, the Montana collection also stands out for its practical and functional character, for designing dramatic and engaging environments in indoor public and residential spaces.


Inspired by the sophistication and nobleness of natural stone, the Calacatta and Covelano collections possess distinctive beauty that surprises in all sorts of environments.

A harmonious graphic variation and soft and contrasting textures help create luxurious and minimalist spaces. The various reliefs and decorated bases that complete the collections allow for a multiplicity of exclusive styles.

Available in sizes 30x60cm, 30x90cm and 40x120cm, the Calacatta and Covelano collections are suitable for indoor spaces, such as entrance halls, living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

Published by Revigrés

August 6, 2020


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