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Deck Smart: Ceramic deck for raised floors

An innovative solution suitable for outdoor raised floors.

Deck Smart by Revigrés is an innovative solution, easy to install and suitable for outdoor raised floors. It combines the aesthetic effect of wood with the durability, resistance, and easy maintenance of ceramics.

The Deck collection’s full-body porcelain tiles are reinforced with a composite on the back that gives them greater resistance to impact, while making it safer to use as a solution for raised floors.This solution allows you to quickly and simply remove each tile individually, giving you access to hidden service systems, facilitating cleaning and the replacement of a tile, if necessary


The technical characteristics of this product - it's inalterable, durable, resistant to wear, resistant to stains and chemicals, and resistant to impact - make it a practical and safe solution that eliminates the wear and deterioration common to other deck materials, such as wood and composites (PVC), whilst contributing to lower the costs associated with cleaning and annual maintenance.

Its anti-slip surface minimises the risks of falling, making it comfortable and safe to use, even barefoot.

Suitable for use in commercial, public, and residential spaces, Deck Smart by Revigrés is also environmentally friendly, as it helps conserve natural resources and does not give off toxic substances.

In addition, it contributes to the sustainability of the construction, presenting Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) that attest to its environmental impact and its compliance with the norms for the environmental certification of buildings.


The Deck Smart anchoring bolts are supplied with the tile, facilitating the installation of this solution and guaranteeing a perfect and uniform spacing between the tiles throughout the entire area.Always looking for ways to improve, Revigrés has introduced a new feature in the Deck Smart solution.

The anchoring bolts are now made in polyamide, a material that offers a number of advantages:

- Resistance to ageing;- High impact resistance and rigidity;
- Resistance to high temperatures (melting point: 200 ºC);
- Low deformability at low temperatures (minimum temperature: -20 ºC);
- High chemical resistance;
- Dimensional uniformity and stability;
- Recyclable material, reinforcing the sustainability of the Deck Smart solution.For more information, contact us by email [email protected]

Published by Revigrés

June 25, 2020

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