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Revigrés BIM Objects Library

Revigrés launched its first BIM objects with the Chromatic Collection

By investing in BIM software (Building Information Modelling), Revigrés joins a process that is revolutionizing the architecture, engineering and construction industry at the international level, contributing to put Portugal at the forefront of the implementation of this methodology alongside countries such as the United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, the USA and China.

Through this solution, architects and designers will be able to access in a single file all information on each collection reference - the aesthetic image, relevant certifications, technical and commercial information - that they use to design virtual building models using 3D tools.

Benefits identified for the use of BIM include cost reduction and better compliance with deadlines, the modernisation of the hiring process and the design, completion and maintenance of infrastructures and buildings in a faster, cheaper and more sustainable way.

It also represents an important contribution to solving energy efficiency issues and facilitates communication between architects, engineers, developers and construction companies.

The use of this software also makes it possible to efficiently manage and coordinate the information concerning each project, greatly increasing the efficiency of construction companies and, consequently, their competitiveness.

Revigrés provides in its BIM Object Library the 40 colours, 10 formats and 3 finishes of the Chromatic Collection - including the special formats CUBE, HALF, CHEVRON and TRIO - in addition to the bars, corners and complementary pieces (steps and bullnoses) that make up the collection.

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Published by Revigrés

March 7, 2019

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